Fall Work Weekend

October 14-16, 2021

Join us for our annual fall work weekend this October!  We'll have projects coming out our ears - jobs like cabin cleaning, wood cutting, trail clearing, equipment maintenance, painting, and overall sprucing-up of the camp.  We'll have jobs available for some skilled individuals and some jobs that just need willing hands.  

You may be available for the whole time or just a few hours.  We'd love to put you to work with what time you can be there!  When you register, please let us know the dates and times you plan on being available for work along with any special skills you will be bringing with you.  

We will be expecting each of our volunteers to be working during all working hours of the weekend.  This is not a retreat, but there will certainly be time for fun and fellowship with other volunteers and camp staff while working and during our down times.  Meals and overnight lodging will be provided for all volunteers working during those times.  For example, if you're here from Friday at noon until Saturday at 2:00 we will provide you with lunch and supper on Friday as well as overnight lodging.  We will also provide breakfast and lunch for you on Saturday.  
If you have any questions about this event, please contact us as soon as possible.
Email: info@trailridge.org
Call: 608-489-3810

Schedule for the Week

Thursday, October 15:
7:00 - This is the earliest you'll be allowed to arrive.  A light breakfast will be available.  After you have a chance to settle in a little, we will be assigning jobs and getting right to work.  

12:00 - Lunch will be served.  We'll get updates on everyone's projects and make any necessary adjustments.  About 1:00 we will be heading back to work.

5:30-ish - We'll be wrapping up projects and putting things away.  Then we can all get cleaned up for dinner and head over to the dining hall.  Our staff will debrief for the day and let you know what activities will be available for the evening.  You'll be able to spend the evening participating in some fun activities and getting some rest for the busy day to come.  

Friday, October 16:
7:00 - A good, hearty breakfast will be served followed by our daily briefing.  We'll then head out and get to work around 8:00.

12:00 - Lunch is served.  We'll recap our projects again and get back to work around 1:00 PM.

5:30-ish - We'll wrap up projects for the day and get cleaned up for dinner.  A good, warm supper will be served, which will be followed by our daily debrief.  Your evening can be spend participating in some activities and heading to bed to get a good rest for the coming day of projects.

Saturday, October 17:
7:00 - Again, breakfast is served.  Our daily briefing will follow so we can get right to work.

12:00 - Lunch Time!!!  Update camp staff on the status of your project and head out.  Work Weekend is almost over.

3:00 - Get your project completed or to a good stopping point.  Pack up your belongings and head over to the dining hall to check out.  Get a snack for the road and head out no later than 4:00!

4:00 - Happy Trails!   See you next time!