Spring Work Weekend

May 6-8, 2021

As we prepare for summer, we still have much work to do.  Work weekends are a special time for volunteers to come and help out with those projects!  Meals are provided, as well as lodging for those wanting to work more than one day.

What kind of projects do you have for me? 

Lumberjacks: Cleaning up trails, cutting logs, splitting firewood, clearing fallen trees and dead trees.
Handyman: We need people who are able to just go and fix stuff.
Painting: There's always some painting/sheetrock work to be done at camp.
Housekeeping: Spring cleaning, sorting and organizing in our cabins and utility rooms around camp, deep cleaning some areas of camp.
Cabin Remodeling: We've started remodeling two of our cabins and will need some help finishing them up.
Farm Crew: Mend fencing, clean the barn yard, trim trees in pastures, fix barns.
Landscaping: Pulling weeds out of flower pots to prep for planting, cutting brush out of walkways, beautifying camp.
If you're still wondering if we need your help for work weekend, the answer is YES--we need you, your family, your church and your friends to come help out this spring!  Don't miss out on this service opportunity!  

Call 608-489-3810
Email info@trailridge.org.