2018 Counselors

We're hiring 5 male and 5 female counselors to invest 10 weeks at Trail Ridge this summer!  Counselors have the opportunity to pour their lives into their campers throughout the different weeks of camp as well as learn to work in daily camp operations.  You probably have lots of questions, so read through the FAQ's below.  
We are also open to volunteer counselors coming to serve for a week or more.  We currently have availability for all weeks of camp.  We need male and female counselors to help out this summer.  You can apply to be a volunteer counselor below.  Volunteer counselors arrive on the Sunday night previous to camp and leave on Saturday morning after all their campers leave.  

Summer Counselor FAQ's

How old do I have to be?
All counselors are required to be at least 18 years old.  No exception can be made to this rule.  If you are not 18 yet, you may be interested in volunteering for a week or more as a Counselor in Training.  You would be able to assist the head counselor while seeing what all is involved in the Head Counselor position. 
What will I be doing for 10 weeks?
June 4-9: You'll be getting acquainted with camp property, policies and procedures while helping prepare and facilitate the Trail Ridge Experience on the weekend.  
June 11-15: Counselor Training.  You'll learn how to work with your fellow counselors, have time to prepare yourself and your cabin for the summer and receive vital training on how to effectively work with your campers.  During this time, we'll be conducting any final tweaks to our program and facilities for the summer.  
June 18-23: You'll be counseling during Kids Kamp 1*
June 25-30: You'll be counseling during Kids Kamp 2*
July 2-7: You'll be counseling during Lifeline Camp 1*
July 9-14: You'll be counseling during Kids Kamp 3*
July 16-21: You'll be counseling during Lifeline Camp 2*
July 23-28: You'll be counseling during Teen Camp*
July 30-August 2: You'll be working as Operations Staff during RBC Camp.  Rural Bible Crusade is a guest group who uses the camp for a whole week.  You'll be providing hospitality, housekeeping and grounds work for the week.  You'll also be able to observe how their week of camp is run.
August 6-10: Counselor Debrief--We'll close out the summer breaking down the program, learning from our experiences while brainstorming for the coming year.  This week will also be used to clean up and close down the camp for the summer.  

*If any of the weeks of summer camp are not full of campers, extra counselors will be used to help run programming or oversee a group of volunteer operations staff.

This schedule looks pretty busy.  Will I have any free time? 
Most of your free time will be on the weekends.  During the weeks of camp, you'll be allowed to leave for the weekend about noon, and you'll need to be back on Sunday afternoon as we'll need to brief everyone for the next week of camp. Weeks of camp are busy, and you'll work long hours.  We believe strongly in "Work Hard; Play Hard; Nap Hard!"  You'll need to learn to manage your time in order to most effectively minister to our guests this summer.  

When will I need to be at camp?
Counselors must arrive on the morning of Monday, June 4, 2018.  A specific time will be given to you upon acceptance.  You’ll be expected to stay until 5 PM on Friday August 10, 2018. 
How much money will I make this summer?
Counselors will be paid $300/week (before taxes)—That’s $3,000 for 10 weeks.  You’ll be provided lodging and food during your time at camp as well.  If you feel you need to raise extra funds to help pay for your school bill or living expenses the rest of the year, you’ll be provided with some tools to help you raise extra support.  

What about volunteer counselors?
This  system of acquiring summer-long counselors intends to bring consistency in teaching and programming as well as accountability.  We greatly appreciate our past volunteer counselors, but we desire to have 10 summer-long counselors.  If you are planning on volunteering and would be willing to be a stand-by counselor, select that box on your Volunteer Application.  Stand-by counselors will be used in the case that we don’t have enough counselors for any number of reasons.  The position of C.I.T. (Counselor In Training) is a volunteer position that can be held by teens during the weeks of Kids Kamps or Lifeline Camps.  
I have a previous commitment that would not allow me to be there the entire time?  Can we work something out?
Possibly.  If you are interested in the position, fill out the application.  Disclose the date(s) you will not be available to be at camp, and we will see what we can do. 

Are there things I'll have to do before camp? 
Yes.  You'll need to develop cabin devotion discussions (one for each day).  You'll be assigned a skill time to coordinate an hour long program and activities for campers each day.  You'll also need to be preparing yourself physically and spiritually for this summer.  Specifics will be given upon acceptance.

I still have more questions.  What do I do?
We’d be happy to talk to you.  Either call the camp office at 608-489-3810 or email trailridge@vcyamerica.org.