Join us for Trail Ridge Lumberjack Days this October!  One of our main post-summer projects is clearing out dead trees throughout camp. With a project of this size, many hands make light work! We are looking for volunteers with skills in running a chain saw, those that can split and stack wood, and people willing to haul branches. We'll plan on starting at 8:00 on Thursday morning, and wrap up around 3:30 on Saturday. If you are available for the entirety of the weekend, or even just for a day, we can use you!

We will be expecting each of our volunteers to be working during all working hours of the weekend.  This is not a retreat, but there will certainly be time for fun and fellowship with other volunteers and camp staff while working and during our down times.  Meals and overnight lodging will be provided for all volunteers. For example, if you're here from Friday at noon until Saturday at 2:00 we will provide you with lunch and supper on Friday as well as overnight lodging.  We will also provide breakfast and lunch for you on Saturday.
Watch this short clip of Josh giving a few details on the 2023 Lumberjack Days.
Feel free to bring your own equipment like chainsaws, work gloves, and safety glasses.  If you are staying overnight, please bring bedding to fit a twin sized bunk as well as any other toiletries, towels, etc. you will need. Wisconsin weather in October can be unpredictable, so as we get closer, be sure you are checking to ensure you arrive prepared.
There is no registration for this event. We just ask that you call or email the camp office to let us know you are coming, if you're bringing anyone with you, and when you plan to arrive/depart. If you have any questions about this event, please contact us as soon as possible.

Call: (608) 489-3810