2021 Summer Camp Volunteers

Each summer, our general operations positions during our weeks of summer camp are filled by volunteers.  Volunteers come from all over from various backgrounds.  Some volunteers are parents or grandparents of campers.  Volunteers can be any age from 15 years to senior citizen, and depending on assignment, will put in about 35-45 hours of work during the week.  This summer, we need volunteers to serve all over camp.  Below is a list of volunteer crews, along with a brief description of what duties will be involved!

Volunteer Crews

Grounds Crew: Mowing and weed whacking, assisting with large activity set up, building campfires, general camp maintenance. Will be working under the direction of our Maintenance Supervisor.

Housekeeping Crew: Perform daily housekeeping tasks around camp. Work on special cleaning projects and help out with laundry needs during the week. Will be working under the direction of our Maintenance Supervisor.

Kitchen Crew: Prepare, cook, and serve meals in the dining room. Keep the kitchen and dining area clean. Work in the camp store and snack shop. Work under the direction of our Head Cook.

Activities Assistants: Have a variety of duties primarily helping with setup and takedown of group activities and helping wherever needed. Sometimes help out with another crew part time. Work under the direction of the Camp Director.

Lifeguards: Must be at currently certified. Lifeguards supervise all pool and waterfront activities. Lifeguards fill the rest of their time helping on another work crew. Work under the direction of the Camp Director.

Camp Nurses: Must be at least 18 years old and have credentials that meet the requirements to be a camp nurse. Some that may meet the requirements are: EMT, RN, LPN, MD or Paramedic. Nurses dispense all medications at camp and take care of any other medical needs during the week. Click here for more information.

When you choose to volunteer at Trail Ridge, come ready and willing to serve! You’ll leave camp refreshed and grateful for the opportunity to fellowship with co-laborers and enjoy observing elements of the summer camp program.