Trail Ridge Dress Code

Our goal at Trail Ridge is to bring honor and glory to God at each of our camp events by what we say, do, and wear.   Over the years, we've come up with what we believe to be a reasonable, modest dress code that everyone can live with.  We have found that adhering to the camp dress code you'll read below has greatly helped in minimizing distractions by not drawing unnecessary attention to ones self and not having to constantly adjust clothing that isn't fitting correctly.  Dress standards are maintained by all camp staff, volunteers and campers; and is enforced by camp staff and administration.

Here's the camp Dress Code: Please bring clothes to camp with modesty in mind. Dress at camp is casual, but not sloppy. The length of the shorts and skirts must be no more than one hand’s width of the top of the knee (About 4 inches). Because of the nature of camp activities, when wearing skirts, shorts must be worn underneath. Tank tops, tight-fitting, or revealing clothes are not to be worn. Pants will be worn at the waist. Messages on clothing, jewelry, and other personal belongings that relate to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, immorality, and vulgarity are not permitted.

Some items of clothing you will want to consider bringing: long pants and long sleeved shirts or hoodies for cool evenings, rain coat or poncho, a sturdy pair of sandals (flip flops do not hold up well here), a hat, sunglasses, and some clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty or stained.

Girls: Bathing suits must be a modest 1-piece, or a shirt and shorts combo that provides full coverage.  Modest cover-ups must be worn to and from the pool.
Boys: Bathing suits must be boxer-type swim trunks.  A shirt must be worn to and from the pool.