Keys for Camps

What is Keys for Camps? Keys for Camps is a daily devotional sent out on a quarterly basis. It is a part of the Keys for Kids Ministry, and is a program that helps Christian camps stay in touch with campers all year long. Watch the video to learn more!

Why Keys for Camps? The purpose of the Keys for Camps is to help instill the habit of daily devotions. When campers come to Trail Ridge, we set aside a personal devotion time in the morning, and a group devotion time in the evening. When campers return home, it is sometimes difficult to keep up that good habit of daily Bible study. When spiritual decisions are made at camp, we know its important to continually do our part to disciple campers. That's why we want to offer you Keys for Camps!

Who can participate? Keys for Camps offers two different devotional. Start with the daily devotional Keys for Kids for Kids Kampers grades 3-6, or Unlocked, the Junior High and Teen devotional for campers in grades 7-12.

How do I sign up? Receiving Keys for Camps is easy. You can opt in when you register for summer camp. Campers will receive their first booklet at camp, and then continue to receive them on a quarterly basis at the address listed on their registration form. No additional Keys for Camps materials will be sent if you choose to not opt in on the registration form.

How much does it cost me?  NOTHING!  Keys for Camps is absolutely free to you.  Once you've indicated you'd like your camper to keep receiving Keys for Camps, each new devotional will be sent out on a quarterly basis. However, the cost for Trail Ridge is about $6 a camper. If you'd like to help cover the cost, you can donate to the Trail Ridge General Fund Here.

Please note, the daily Keys for Camps devotional is different from the Mailbox Club. You can sign up for the Mailbox Club Here.