Cherith Retreats for Pastors

When the Prophet, Elijah, was facing danger and difficult circumstances, God sent him "camping" at the Brook Cherith.  There, God provided for Elijah's physical needs and gave him rest.  After this incredible experience of being given water during a drought and having food delivered by ravens, Elijah was ready for the next step in his ministry.

Pastors, we understand the difficulty of taking time off for personal study or even time away with your family.  That's why we are making it easy and affordable for you to take some time away at Trail Ridge for a "Cherith Retreat."  This opportunity is perfect for a few days away to study or put the finishing touches on your next sermon series.  It's also a great chance for a family getaway or vacation.  

What's the Catch? 

Cherith Retreats are absolutely free for pastors, missionaries, evangelists and their families, but are not available to the public.  We aren't trying to sell you anything and we won't ask for a donation.  We'll check you in when you arrive, and we'll check you out when you leave.  We won't come over and bother you, and you aren't obligated to come listen to a timeshare spiel.  Though, you probably will find some printed camp material on the kitchen table when you get here! :)

You will have to get yourself here, of course; and you'll need to plan on bringing your own food except for your "Raven Meal" (see below).  We also ask that before leaving you wash any linens you used and do a basic clean-up of your dwelling.  We provide laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

We want to be a blessing to you and your families by offering Cherith Retreats at Trail Ridge.  

This sounds great!  Sign me up! 

If you'd like to make a reservation, just fill out the registration below to contact the camp office with what dates you have in mind.  We cannot schedule a Cherith Retreat during another scheduled camp event, so you may want to take a look at our camp schedule first.  When you contact us we'll get back to you quickly regarding your preferred dates and get your reservations made.  
Due to our summer camp season, our availability to host Cherith Retreats opens back up in late August.


Email us:
Call us: (608) 489-3810

What's Included in my Cherith Retreat?

Pastors and their immediate families are welcome to stay up to a total of one week out of each calendar year.  


You'll be staying in private lodging in a modular home at camp.  See lodging information and pictures below.

One Raven Meal

From our family to yours, we'd be happy to provide a meal for you while you're here.  A selection of meal options will be sent out when you reserve dates. 

Camp Activities

You'll have access to camp activities like the game room, basketball, fishing and boating, volleyball, mini golf, board games, hiking, horseshoes and more.  


Our camp staff will be as involved as you want.  This is your time away, so we'll plan on letting you enjoy your time in peaceful quiet.  

"You don't just happen to go BY Trail Ridge;
You go TO Trail Ridge!"

Located about mid-way between LaCrosse and the Wisconsin Dells, Trail Ridge Camp is located in a beautiful, rural area just outside Hillsboro, the Czech Capital of Wisconsin.  The area around camp is riddled with small businesses and restaurants, Amish stores and farm stands, and miles of beautiful country.  
You'll be swept off your feet with the often forgotten beauty of God's creation here in Southwest Wisconsin.
When you arrive at camp, you'll be given a list of activities available to you on the camp property as well as places to visit in our area. 

Lodging at Trail Ridge

Upon arrival, you'll find our modular homes at Trail Ridge are quite clean and comfortable.  Each home has two bedrooms with full size beds, closet and dresser.  There is a smaller unfurnished room that could hold a twin size air mattress or pack 'n play if needed.  The living room contains a comfortable couch (with sofa sleeper) and chair.  The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, gas range, dishwasher, microwave and coffee maker.  There's also a kitchen table with chairs.  The kitchen is furnished with dishes and basic cooking instruments.  There's a bathroom with a tub/shower and there's even a laundry area.  No need to bring linens or towels as each home is fully equipped with those items.  The homes have central heat and air conditioning to provide you with an ideal indoor temperature during your stay.  


While we understand many consider their pets as part of the family, Trail Ridge has a strict policy not allowing guest to bring pets to camp.  

Dress Guidelines

In keeping with our Christian testimony, guests are to abide by the camp Dress Code.


Guests are asked to help with end of stay clean up of their lodging as well as keeping the facilities  they use clean and picked up.  

Prohibited Items

Trail Ridge Camp is a tobacco, vape, alcohol, drug profanity-free environment.  

Local Attractions

While Trial Ridge is not near any big cities, there's a lot of small-town charm around here.  From Amish bakeries, to mom and pop shops, to unique restaurants, there's a lot to explore around here. 

The Local Church

Your Cherith Retreat may overlap a time our staff will be attending Sunday or mid-week services.  During our service times, camp recreation facilities will be closed down.